Palm reading pushes up English skill(KY line)

Norick is now into English conversation and palm reading.

I thought my English conversation skills would improve if I saw your palm reading in English. So, I’m now study studying how to say in English what I see in palmistry.

 Looking for people who want to see your palm reading!

It’s free now!

 It is no problem to read your palm reading in Japanese, but I want to read it in English if possible.

 Please access the following LINE@



The following is for my study. And it’s for cheat while I’m reading your palmistry…laugh….








Today’s top is KY line

KY is one of the unique words in the Japanese language.
Its literal means you can’t read the situation.
Generally, in Japan, we use this word when we are negative.

But I like this line.
Because you are a person with your own opinion.

In Japan, not many people have this line.
Because many Japanese people do not have their own opinions, it is easily swayed by the opinions of others.

If your intelligence line is long, you’re deep thinker.
It means you are a person who thinks things over and then give your opinion.
Surely, your family and close friends would trust your opinion

If your intelligence line is short, you can take the lead.(you can take quick action.)
your family and close friends respect for your energy.
However, people around you will often be surprised at what you do.

By the way, Norick has this KY line ON right hands!
That’s KY line