Palm reading pushes up English skill(Masukake line)

Norick is now into English conversation and palm reading.

I thought my English conversation skills would improve if I saw your palm reading in English. So, I’m now study studying how to say in English what I see in palmistry.

 Looking for people who want to see your palm reading!

It’s free now!

 It is no problem to read your palm reading in Japanese, but I want to read it in English if possible.

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The following is for my study. And it’s for cheat while I’m reading your palmistry…laugh….








Today’s top is Masukake/Simian line

Simian Line (シミアン ライン)

Masukake line is said to be one in a hundred.
I think there are a few more in my results.

It runs in the family.
Look at your parent’s hands.

・遺伝“heredity” ,”inheritance”
・血に含まれている“in my blood”
・家系“a family line”,”family lineage”

This line is called “Simian Line”.
the line of consciousness” and “the line of emotion” are integrated.

・一本化、統合、調和される integrated

It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu had a simian line.

It’s a line that could be a unification of the whole country.

・天下統一 unification of the whole country
・国の統一 unification of a country
・統一、統合、一体化 unification

It is said to have tenacious character, genius skin, and strong luck!

・粘り強い tenacious(人が困難に遭っても諦めずに)
・粘り強い人 sticker

This line is more common in self-employed and freelance workers than in company employees

People with this line have strong luck.
On the other hand, if you don’t work hard, your life will suffer.