Palm reading pushes up English skill(Heart Line/Pattern : emotional expression)

Norick is now into English conversation and palm reading.

I thought my English conversation skills would improve if I saw your palm reading in English. So, I’m now study studying how to say in English what I see in palmistry.

 Looking for people who want to see your palm reading!

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 It is no problem to read your palm reading in Japanese, but I want to read it in English if possible.

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The following is for my study. And it’s for cheat while I’m reading your palmistry…laugh….








Today’s top is Heart Line/Pattern : emotional expression

heart line
feeling(s) line
sentiment line

Pattern : emotional expression

Emotion lines can be divided into three main patterns
There is three main patterns


People who can communicate their feelings straightforwardly.
You can tell them straight what you think
Personally,it’s a good thing, butI think, a little careful because sometimes it can hurt other people.


Your emotions are very soft.
You can express your emotions very softly
You are able to create very good relationships,
Because even if you have negative emotions, they do not show on your face

顔に出ている It shows on your face.
すぐに感情が顔にでる My emotions show on my face immediately.

簡単にわかる appear, look, seem の違い
appear ・・・ 外から出てきたものを見て判断して「・・・というように見える」という意味で、中身は別
look・・・ 目で見て「・・・というように見える」という意味で、しっかり目で見ている感じ
seem・・・ 個人的な感情や考えを含んで「・・・というように見える」という意味

3.At first straight and curved from the middle

Some people have two faces

シンプルに、ストレートに「彼・彼女は、二面性を持っている〜」”He’s/She’s two-faced”

Your emotions have both straight and soft sides.
You have a unique charm and can attract many people.

You change your attitude towards people depending on the situation and your feelings