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basic 基本

We basically have three lines in our hands.




  • Life line




  • Head line
  • Knowledge line
  • Consciousness line(コンシャスネス:意識)


What the intelligence line can tell us
What can you tell from the intelligence line?


What type of thinking you are


The speed at which you go from thinking to doing.


The softness and hardness of your expressions


What talents do you have?
What type of talent do you have?

The intelligence line is the line extending from between the thumb and index finger to the opposite side of the hand.

The intelligence line is the line that begins between the thumb and index finger and extends to the opposite side of the hand.

It’s a line of thinking about things.
It’s a line that expresses the way we think about things.

That line is also said to show signs related to head ailments and injuries.

When you use your head a lot, your intelligence lines appear to emerge

However, the line has many shapes and is difficult to recognize.

Intelligence line /What type of thinking you are

Type that think before they act when your intelligence line is long

  • あなたは何をするにもしっかり考えてから行動に移すタイプです。
  • You are the type of person who thinks carefully before doing anything.
  • なので、失敗はスクないでしょう
  • Therefore, you will not make any mistakes!
  • しかしながら行動まで時間がかかるので、チャンスを逃すことがあります。
  • However, since it takes time to act, you may miss your chance/opportunities
  • あなたはしっかり考えれる人なので、時には深く考えず思い切った行動に出ても良いと思います
  • You are the type of person who can think things through, so sometimes it is okay to take drastic action without thinking too deeply.

The type that acts as soon as they have an idea when your intelligence line is short.

  • なたは考えるよりも先に行動するタイプです。
  • You are the type who acts before thinking.
  • あなたは考えずに行動するので、時々失敗するが、成功も多いでしょう
  • You act without thinking, so you will sometimes fail, but you will also have many successes
    • 但し、人間関係は少し気をつけた方が良い
    • However, you should be a little careful with your relationship



  • Hart line
  • Feeling line
  • Emotion line
  • Sentiment line

Pattern : emotional expression

Emotion lines can be divided into three main patterns
There is three main patterns


People who can communicate their feelings straightforwardly.
You can tell them straight what you think
Personally,it’s a good thing, butI think, a little careful because sometimes it can hurt other people.


Your emotions are very soft.
You can express your emotions very softly
You are able to create very good relationships,
Because even if you have negative emotions, they do not show on your face

顔に出ている It shows on your face.
すぐに感情が顔にでる My emotions show on my face immediately.

簡単にわかる appear, look, seem の違い
appear ・・・ 外から出てきたものを見て判断して「・・・というように見える」という意味で、中身は別
look・・・ 目で見て「・・・というように見える」という意味で、しっかり目で見ている感じ
seem・・・ 個人的な感情や考えを含んで「・・・というように見える」という意味

3.At first straight and curved from the middle

Some people have two faces

シンプルに、ストレートに「彼・彼女は、二面性を持っている〜」”He’s/She’s two-faced”

Your emotions have both straight and soft sides.
You have a unique charm and can attract many people.

You change your attitude towards people depending on the situation and your feelings


  • Fate line

 This is called the fate line.

It is the line that determines whether we make our own life for ourselves

How do we make our own life?

carve out your own desitiny

If your fate line is straight, you will make your own life on your own


  • KY line

KY is one of the unique words in the Japanese language.
Its literal means you can’t read the situation.
Generally, in Japan, we use this word when we are negative.

But I like this line.
Because you are a person with your own opinion.

In Japan, not many people have this line.
Because many Japanese people do not have their own opinions, it is easily swayed by the opinions of others.

If your intelligence line is long, you’re deep thinker.
It means you are a person who thinks things over and then give your opinion.
Surely, your family and close friends would trust your opinion

If your inteligence line is short, you can take the lead.(you can take quick action.)
your familly and close friends respect for your energy.
However, people around you will often be surprised at what you do.

That’s KY line


  • Marriage line



  • Simian Line (シミアン ライン)Masukake line is said to be one in a hundred.
    I think there are a few more in my results.It runs in the family.
    Look at your parent’s hands.・遺伝“heredity” ,”inheritance”
    ・血に含まれている“in my blood”
    ・家系“a family line”,”family lineage”This line is called “Simian Line”.
    the line of consciousness” and “the line of emotion” are integrated.・一本化、統合、調和される integrated

    It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu had a simian line.

    It’s a line that could be a unification of the whole country.

    ・天下統一 unification of the whole country
    ・国の統一 unification of a country
    ・統一、統合、一体化 unification

    It is said to have tenacious character, genius skin, and strong luck!

    ・粘り強い tenacious(人が困難に遭っても諦めずに)
    ・粘り強い人 sticker

    This line is more common in self-employed and freelance workers than in company employees

    People with this line have strong luck.
    On the other hand, if you don’t work hard, your life will suffer.